Sunday, 7 July 2013

etcpak 0.2

It would appear that etcpak was programmed in quite inefficient way up until now. That's a funny way to talk about a program which was an order of magnitude faster than competing ones. And it's one of these obvious things which you wonder about afterwards, how wouldn't you think about it in the first place.

etcpak will no longer wait for compression to start until all image data is available. Data processing will now be performed simultaneously with PNG image decode process, which basically means that by the time the source image is fully loaded, we're almost done with the compression.

Some numbers.

TestTime (full)Time (minus PNG load)
etcpak 0.1 RGB1.12 s0.45 s
etcpak 0.1 RGB + alpha1.36 s0.69 s
etcpak 0.2 RGB0.83 s0.16 s
etcpak 0.2 RGB + alpha1.00 s0.33 s

This new version can be downloaded from