Wednesday, 24 October 2012

N900 software rendering

Some time ago I wrote a software renderer and presented the video on N73 running it. Then I ported it to N900, updated the model and lighting, but never actually published the video of it in action. Well, here it is:
I think the low FPS values (around 12) were the reason it was not published. It is due to the amount of triangles the new model consists of. The old Caesar's one was much simpler and thus rendered faster. With proper low-poly model the above animation would run with at least 30 FPS without any problems.

Fun side note. The software renderer on N900 was actually faster than running the hardware accelerated version. Well, hardware and/or drivers sucked greatly on that phone.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

CRT-like rendering on LCD monitors followup

Apparently some folks on some strange forum-like site have been wondering how the CRT effect works. Next time you should write a comment to the entry instead of relying on me watching site traffic analysis.

Anyway. I have prepared a stripped down version of the code and it should be simple enough for anybody competent to replicate the effect in his own code. As the ReadMe file says, the shaders are not optimized in any way whatsoever. Some of them are written in a blatantly bad way. But it's a good starting point for anyone interested.

Windows binary: You will probably need MSVC 2012 redistributable package.
Source code: